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The aim of this evening was primarily to give the residents an opportunity to express their opinion on an important aspect of their living – the food they eat. It was encouraging to see how all the residents with the help of their relatives and the staff were able to complete a questionnaire on the food they were served on the evening.

At the event it was amazing to see the positive changes that occurred in the residents’ mind set.

The evening also gave the relatives an opportunity to taste and comment on the food their relatives ate at Amberley Lodge. The comments were very positive.  New dishes were introduced, which received a positive response. The Chefs, the Staff and Srijit, the Home Manager, are thankful for this acknowledgement and appreciation shown by the relatives and our colleagues from West Sussex Adult Services and St Barnabas.

Overall this event was an enjoyable evening for our residents and their relatives. It reinforced our confidence in ourselves.

Our efforts to make a difference in the lives of the people who rely on us do produce positive results.