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Complaints Procedure

At Amberley Lodge, we strive to improve the services we offer our residents and relatives and welcome any suggestions for changes and comments that you may have.

We have in place a complaints procedure, which can be found in the Service User Guide and on the front entrance wall.

We work hard to deliver the highest standards of care to you and your relatives. We understand that being sure that your relative is well cared for is a vital priority for loved ones and it is for us too.

However, we may not always get this right, and therefore we need your help in drawing our attention to issues that concern you. We ask that if you feel that you have any cause for complaint regarding an aspect of our service or the manner in which it is provided, to let us know.

In most cases problems are easily solved through talking to you and your careers. However, there may be times when you need to take matters to a higher level. If so please ask to speak to the Manager or telephone or write.

We will endeavour to resolve the issues quickly and sympathetically. Our aim is to improve the service that we provide where necessary.

As a result, we have added to our existing Customer Complaints Procedure available in the home with an additional contact point through our web site. Complaints will be dealt with by the Manager and the Company Director.

Complaints may be made either orally, by e-mail (see below) or in writing to:

Mr Asim Chaudhary, 4 Chaucer Road, Worthing, BN11 4PB. Telephone: 01903 235347 – email-

If we are not able to resolve your complaints, then the next step is to complain to Care Quality Commission,  Maidstone, local office, The Oast, Hermitage Court, Hermitage Lane, Maidstone, ME16 9NT.